Your home base for caregiver education and support

We all are caring for someone, but we don’t have to do it alone or with unrealistic expectations. Step away from Pinterest and medical websites that leave you feeling depressed, overwhelmed and less-than-worthy.

Grab a cup of coffee and join me instead. We’ll talk about the hard stuff, but you’ll leave feeling inspired. I’m so glad you’re here.

For Home Care Agencies and Senior Care Organizations

Your caregivers are the most important part of your business, and statistics show those caregivers are likely undertrained and feel underappreciated. Don’t let that trend continue in your organization. Let’s work together to give you the tools you need to care for your caregivers so that they can do an even better job serving your clients.

Caregiver Lane provides you with resources each month to share with your office, your caregivers, your clients, and your referral sources. Resources include:

– Access to online caregiver training modules
– Person-centered activities to share with caregivers or with family members
– Monthly newsletter templates to encourage and educate your caregivers and staff
– Social media calendar ideas and templates
– Marketing ideas and templates

For Professional Caregivers

You’re the heart of your agency, organization, hospital, or home. Sign up for our monthly newsletter full of inspiration and resources that will remind you why you do what you do.

For Family Caregivers

Trying to keep up with your elderly father who is living with dementia, or worried about your forgetful senior neighbor? You have a place here. Learn how to have a successful visit with your sometimes-cranky mother-in-law in her assisted living apartment or how to teach your elementary schooler about empathy through visiting a nursing home. Let me show you how to make your visits meaningful for both of you by teaching you interventions like Reminiscing.

Don’t miss out on our caregiver resources and inspiration!

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