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Less than one week ago, my son ran out of the school doors for the last time as a third grader. Our whole family had been counting down the days forever, as Midwestern snow days added extra time onto the end of our school year. But now it’s here – summer break! We have big plans for camping and popsicles, slow days at the pool and strawberry picking, sparklers and days that go on forever.

I love summer, but I struggle with it too.

Working at home as a full-time writer for senior care agencies has given me the freedom to walk to school with my son and pick him up to start on homework once his dismissal bell rings. I can take my computer anywhere, which frees us up to travel and explore. I’m so thankful for the opportunity, but I’ve had to tackle work-life balance issues from the start.

Work-life balance is a tightrope I’ve been walking since I graduated from college. Like most caregivers or staff members in senior care communities, I worked weekends and holidays, stayed late during public health surveys or when I was throwing a family event. Finding time to be a wife and a mom, along with a reader and a baker and a hiker, wasn’t always easy.

As my little family coasts into summer, I rely on a few tricks to keep me enjoying all parts of this very busy life.

  • Batch work is key – As a writer, I find I can be more creative if I manage my work time well. For me, that looks like batch working – I have certain times of the week when I schedule all my client calls, a few hours of the week I use for outlining, time for creating social media content for my clients, and time for writing.


  • Flexible work hours – While I thrive in a set schedule, the summer season is made for spontaneous adventures. I’ve learned how to be a bit more flexible with my work time during this season, popping into the coffee shop for a few hours during the evening or waking up early to finish a project before hitting the beach.


  • Working ahead – I’ve always been someone who works ahead whenever possible. No thanks, procrastination. When I know what is coming in my work schedule, I take time to chip away at it when I have a few spare moments. For my social media and content creation work, this means I develop themes and create an entire month of posts ahead of time in order to create margin for myself and my clients.


  • All the grace – Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do it all, all the time. However, I can focus on what I’m doing at the moment, and throw myself all in. I can be a writer and mom so hard in the same day, just not at the same time.


As a caregiver or leader in the senior care industry, how do you balance summer adventures with your tasks? If you need some social media help and event marketing inspiration, I’ve got you. Check out my Social Media Planning Guide for Home Care Agencies for content ideas as well as event ideas that will make your third quarter your most exciting yet.

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